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The Apartment

Accomodation in the Delft is especially hard to find, so like many students, I contracted with DUWO short stay housing to find my new apartment. There’s three bedrooms, a kitchen, a toilet room, a shower room, and a dining room. The housing is simple, and our apartment is one in a large complex of low-income apartments. There’re a number of student apartments here, but we’re intermixed with families and other residents.

I have two roommates, but only one is moved in. Sylvain, from France, is teaching me French (comment ça va?). He studies Aerospace Engineering, and has quite the sense of humor – he refers to the trash thrown down into our yard by the people above us as “charms.”

The toilet room in our apartment - Dutch, small, and quaint!

Stop throwing trash into our yard!

Sylvain holding my new bike in front of our apartment.

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