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After Schilthorn, the night was spent in the Mountain Hostel enjoying some Swiss beer, perusing the guest book, and chatting with the hostel dwellers. While doing so, we learned about Kilchbalm and its glacier with an ice cave; our last day in Gimmelwald was planned.

Kilchbalm, a glacial cirque in the Bernese Oberland, is quite the sight to behold – mountains, glaciers, snow, waterfalls, and streams make this a stunningly beautiful place, and almost too much to take in at once.

Our two hour hike from Gimmelwald to Kilchbalm culminated at the glacier’s ice cave, where just moments before we bore witness to a “mini avalanche” literally thundering down the mountain in front of us. Since we came this far, we had to enter the cave to check it out, but since the glacier seemed like it was rapidly melting (and after just hearing snow crash down the mountain), we decided it was best not to linger.

I joined John in scrambling out of the cave after exploring some, but not before I topped off the water bottle with what tasted like some of the purest water on Earth. Water and photos in hand, we began our hike back to Gimmelwald and prepared for our trip to Interlaken.

Kilchbalm.  The glacier we hiked to is the white patch on the left.  Notice John standing in the middle for scale.

A mini avalanche that thundered down from the top of the mountain to the ground just above the glacier.

John at the entrance to the ice cave.

The ice cave.  We didn’t linger too long because the ice roof was melting fast.

John scrambling out of the ice cave.

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