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...for the love of diving

Jimmy and I made a special trip to Taveuni, here in Fiji, for the world-class scuba diving. There’s nothing quite like diving in Fiji – the crystal clear warm water, lots of fish, and many, many corals. While here we stayed at Tovu Tovu Resort and dove with Vunibokoi Divers, which is led by Tyrone Valentine, who has logged more than 15,000 dives.

Tyrone Valentine: Fish Whisperer.

Soft corals.

A clown fish and its anemone.

The Great White Wall, with Joe and Annette (our Aussie dive buddies) for scale.

A nudibranch.

Jimmy and his camera.

Bringing in the boat for lunch.

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  1. Paige Says:

    Your pictures are awesome so far! Glad to see you boys are alive and having a great time!! Jimmy sent me a google chat message that said you had been eaten. I hope that’s not true. I told you to stay away from sharks. :)

    P.S. Sometime, you might should try to send me the pictures from the airport. If you get a chance. I know you’re busy having fun. :)

  2. Paige Says:


  3. Rachael Says:

    Andrew Riha…making Rachael jealous since 2006.

    Looks like a blast Andrew!

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