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The Shark Dive

...Jimmy's been eaten! Bitten? No, EATEN!

Beqa Lagoon, home of The Shark Dive, was our next stop. This thing is not for the faint hearted – a total of eight different species of shark are hand-fed over two dives, including Whitetip Reefs, Blacktip Reefs, Lemons, Bulls, and yes, sometimes even Tigers. No cages are used, and so far there haven’t been any accidents.

We were lucky enough to see all of the above mentioned sharks, including the Tiger!

Watching the feeding frenzy.

The shark feeder bringing down the food.

Taming the Bulls.

The Tiger!

Hand-feeding the Tiger.

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  2. Duane Says:

    Amazing pictures (and video in your other post)! How about I buy you a drink sometime and you show me more photos, eh?

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