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...mastering the four S's

I’ve spent almost the entirety of the past week at Taufua Beach Fales on the beach of Lalomanu, which is on the southeast side of ‘Upolu. As far as beaches go, this was probably one of the nicest (and cheapest) I’ve stayed at, so my original 3-night stay got extended to 6 nights.

For less than $30 a day, I enjoyed an open fale (small beach hut) right on the beach, delicious all-you-can-eat breakfasts and dinners, and some of the clearest/cleanest/warmest ocean water I’ve ever experienced. I became a master of the four S’s – swimming, snorkeling, sunning, and sleeping – and in no way was it boring; in fact, the time actually seemed to pass faster than usual, which surprised me on more than one occasion. At any rate, saying Lalomanu was great would be an understatement, and the “Places to Return” list has just grown by another line.

The view from my fale.

Lalomanu beach.

“Footsteps on the beach.”

A fire dancer at one of Taufua’s fiafias.

The To Sua Ocean Trench, where ocean currents wash you around the large, sunken waterholes.

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