luna park, sydney, australia

The Getty Villa

Last weekend was what California is all about. When we realized that the Mediterranean climate was forecasted to bring us sun and 80°F temperatures, Joey, Jimmy, Andrew, and I planned a beach bike ride to the Getty Villa. So, after enjoying a happy hour on Friday with Paige and Gina, we procured the free tickets required for admission to the Villa and toured it on Sunday. Fitting for the weather we were experiencing, the Villa showcases the arts and cultures of three ancient Mediterranean civilizations: the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans. It was great, and after experiencing some extremely cold winters, I’m thankful to report that the nice weather has persisted – a week later it’s still sunny and 80°. 😎

Jimmy, Paige, and Joey at happy hour.The Getty Villa.A statue of Zeus at the Getty Villa that was once half submerged in the Mediterranean.Santa Monica as seen from the strand."Los Angeles.  Mm!  Drink it in.  It always goes down smooth."Sunset on the marina of Marina del Rey.

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