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My Fiets: the Batavus Entrada Spirit

...ding ding

The Dutch love their fietsen, or bicycles. It’s been said that there are more bikes than people in the Netherlands (around 16 million), and with nearly 85% of the population owning bikes, it’s certainly a biking culture… No wonder that I became infatuated with Dutch bikes during my study abroad in Delft. 😉

When I moved to California, I decided that it was time to get a decent bike that I could use to commute to work during the week and for rides along the beach on the weekends. After my experience in Holland, I knew that a Dutch bike would fit the bill perfectly… You sit high on a them, which allows you to see over traffic. The splash and chain guards keep you clean in your work clothes, and the front and rear lights help keep you safe when riding in the dark. I ultimately went with the 7-speed Delft Blue Batavus Entrada Spirit – it has all of the above “Dutch features,” in addition to internal gears and rollerbrakes, a dynamo that powers the front light, a built-in rear wheel lock, a rack to carry groceries (and sometimes friends who need a lift), and of course a bell. Also, for Christmas I got a nifty little Cateye Micro Wireless bike computer and have since logged 238.4 miles.

Yes, I’m quite fond of my fiets, and since it’s my main means of transportation now, I figured it was worth a post on the ol’ blog. Now I just need a Breakfast Machine like Pee Wee, and I’ll be all set…

My Fiets: a Delft Blue Batavus Entrada Spirit.And again...No Dutch bike would be complete without a bell (that I've been known to ring liberally on occasion).

5 Responses to “My Fiets: the Batavus Entrada Spirit”

  1. Tristo Says:

    Haha, this is a great post Riha. Enjoy the bike!!

  2. John Says:

    Wow… you worked in a Pee Wee reference, that takes some skill. Nice work… So did you trade in the Olds on the bike? :) I’m kidding. Hope all is well.

  3. Trisha Says:

    I love my Entrada Spirit! Beautiful pics and great post.

  4. Andrew Riha Says:

    John: The Olds is still running strong, although much less often now that I’ve got the bike. :)

    Tristan and Trisha: Thanks for the comments!

  5. Boris Says:

    Look at this Dutch bike, they are getting more and more adventurous nowadays, traveling all the way to the US and enjoying a day at the beach. Looks like a smooth riding bike.

    keep on ridin’

    greetings form Delft, Boris

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