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Mustangs: A Living Legacy

...the return

The summer adventures continued after Joshua Tree with a return to the Pizona wilderness in June to participate in Mustangs: A Living Legacy. I say return since some friends and I joined the trip in 2006, and given the success of that trip, we decided it was time to return three years later. Jimmy and I made the trip this year, and once again, we weren’t disappointed!

The four-day field class was taught by Craig London of Rock Creek Pack Station. Food, saddle, and a horse were included in the tuition, and after a short refresher, I was back in the saddle in no time. On a daily basis we rode out of our camp at Pizona to the surrounding countryside in search of mustangs. Unfortunately, many of the mustangs had moved out of the mountains to the valleys due to a drought, but we were lucky enough to find and observe the lone stallion that remained.

After a full day of riding, we would return to camp to get cleaned up, eat appetizers, explore the surrounding area on foot, and relax before dinner. After dinner, Craig would fire up the generator that powered his projector so he could give a presentation on the state of wild horses in the West. This provided the perfect opportunity to test out my new digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XSi. Enjoy the photos!

Craig teaching class after dinner.  Take note: a jenny births a hinny, which is not a mule!Deb, Allie, and Ivana spotting the lone mustang.The lone stallion that we observed over lunch.My horse Milo.Here comes the rain, hail, and wind!The petroglyphs that Jimmy and I discovered near camp.Riding through the now dried up McNamara lakebed.

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