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Road Trip to Napa Valley

Sometime early in the summer Grandma Mary called to let me know that she would be visiting her sisters in Napa Valley in mid-August and that I should plan to visit and bring a friend. Done; I love trips to Napa Valley. So, I asked Mary (from Vanuatu and Hawaii) to join since we still had yet to meet on the mainland.

Mary and I set out on Highway 1 for the long and beautiful road trip to San Francisco, where we spent the first night with Sara, one of Mary’s friends from the Peace Corps. (She had a knack for telling some pretty amazing stories about life in Vanuatu…)

After a whirlwind tour of San Francisco the next day, we drove to my great aunt’s ranch in Napa Valley. Here we spent the next two days laying around the pool, wine tasting, and going to church where we ended up shaking hands with Nancy Pelosi during passing of the peace.

The drive home went much faster, and like many Californian trips we decided to wrap it up with a celebratory stop at In-N-Out burger. Animal fries are so good.

The elephant seals of Piedras Blancas along Highway 1.Mary and the smoke filled sky along Highway 1.Mary and the Golden Gate bridge.Dinner in Napa Valley with Mary, Maureen, Therese, Grandma, and Jennifer.Wine tasting with Mary, Grandma, and Maureen.

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