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...no sheep here

Back in November, Eli, Dave, and I went to Catalina for a weekend to camp at Two Harbors, hike the Trans-Catalina trail, and camp at Parson’s Landing.  I took a similar trip to Parson’s during the summer of 2007, but this was my first trip to Catalina in the fall, and I was surprised to find what seemed like a nearly deserted island. We attributed it to the time change. 😕

So on a nearly deserted island there isn’t too much else to do besides sit back, relax, read books, and play some horseshoes, and that’s how we occupied our time in Two Harbors and at Parson’s. The 5 mile hike on the Trans-Catalina gave us an intro to the majestic views that could be had on a clear day, but the fog and clouds we encountered made it a unique and windy experience.

2 Responses to “Catalina”

  1. Lis Says:

    Wow, one of your destinations that I’ve actually been to! I remember my Dad flying us over from San Diego, and being very diligent (twin engine) about flying over so much open water. I also had my first buffalo burger there. Do they still have herds? All the best!

  2. Andrew Riha Says:

    Hmm, I think they do, but we didn’t see any where we were.

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