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El Circuito Chico

...*coughs*, *rubs eyes*

Yesterday was spent biking approximately 50 kilometers to, from, and around “El Circuito Chico,” which encompasses the protected nature reserve of Llao Llao Municipal Park. I rented a bike and Greg and Tiff rode theirs that Greg assembled in the morning. We stopped for a few hours for some hiking and lunch in the park at a scenic beach.

The morning and early afternoon were largely free of the ash from Volcano Puyehue, and the views we saw were impressive. Unfortunately, the winds changed and towards the end of our ride the ash was back in full force. It coats everything in a fine layer of dust, and gets in your eyes and mouth; I can’t imagine that this stuff is good for anyone to breathe for an extended period of time, yet hardly anyone wears a simple face mask to filter out the dust.

As Greg mentions, we leave to Puerto Varas, Chile early tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we’ll try to make the most of our remaining time in Bariloche, even if that just means taking it easy and cooking our own dinner of cheap beef from the supermarket.

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  2. Tiffany M Schweer Says:

    Great day of napping today!

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    […] a bus to Puerto Varas, Chile. Our time in Bariloche has been bitter sweet. The bike ride along the Circuito Chico was fun, scenic, and a good workout. Also, I’ve had some of the best steak in my life two […]

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