uluru, australia

Arrival to Puerto Varas

Yesterday afternoon we arrived to Puerto Varas and checked into our excellent hostel Margouya 2 near the city center, and we spent the remainder of the afternoon developing the plans for the next week or so. First up was the plan for today of “canyoning,” wherein participants wear wetsuits and slide down narrow passages of fast running water in a small river. Unfortunately it has rained the past few days here, which made the water too dangerous for canyoning, so today we instead opted for rafting on a Class III portion of the Petrohué river – the water was cool, fast, and fun! Greg’s trip report and a few photos are here.

This evening we’re getting things organized for a 2-day kayaking / camping trip that we have lined up for tomorrow and Thursday. We put in at the bottom of the Petrohué and visit some hot springs on the way to a nearby fjord. With ~5 hours of kayaking per day, it should be a good workout with scenic views.

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