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Sea Kayaking near Puerto Varas

...lady luck smiles upon us

Over the past two amazing days, Greg, Tiff, and I have been kayaking the bottom portion of the Petrohué river and the fjord near Cochomó. Our guide, Niccolo, from Ko’kayak superbly navigated us to lunch spots, the Ralún Hot Springs, and our Chilean host family’s farm where we camped for the night. Our Chilean hosts, Juan Carlos and his mother Yolanda, were very friendly, and they served us an excellent dinner made almost entirely from the animals and produce on their farm.

Greg has posted a few of his photos on his blog that capture more of what it was like on the water.

In all we paddled over 40km and saw some breathtaking scenery. As my first kayaking trip, I’ve learned the basics and look for to the next adventure paddling across the water.

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