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Goodbye Puerto Varas!

...and buen viaje to Greg and Tiff!

This morning I caught a bus north from Puerto Varas to Pucón, where I’ll be spending the last few days of this trip around South America. Puerto Varas, a small town with a large German and European influence, was the adventurous highlight of the trip thus far with rafting, kayaking, and hiking in perfect weather conditions for each activity.

Today I also parted ways with Greg and Tiff, who return to Bariloche and continue south on the Carretera Austral by bike, which is sure to be the highlight of their four month sabbatical. Some would call me a “third wheel” traveling with a married couple, but Greg and Tiff did an excellent job of not making me feel like one. We have known eachother since 2005, and our time together on this trip further solidified our friendship through the numerous highs and thankfully few lows. Towards the end of our time together, I often remarked with awe about how much has happened in just a matter of two and a half weeks – visiting Valpo and enjoying Pisco Sours (Chile’s national drink), spending New Years Eve in Santiago with Marcos out until 5am, visiting Teri and Oscar in Mendoza and touring the local wineries by bike, traveling by bus to the ash land of Bariloche (which was actually kind of cool to experience for a few days thinking back on it), biking around Bariloche’s nature preserve, eating the best steak of my life two nights in a row, ordering meals and bus tickets completely in Spanish, rafting and kayaking the Petrohué near Puerto Varas, and hiking to the farthest point from home that I would travel to on this trip. That farthest point, Lago Todos Los Santos, is where Greg and Tiff continue their adventure today. I wish you well on your journey, and I have no doubt that you’ll find what your’re looking for. Bueno.

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