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Termas Los Pozones

After climbing Volcán Villarrica yesterday, I decided to cross the last item off my Pucón todo list: soaking in one of the many local “termas,” or hot springs.

I ended up booking transportation through Aguaventura with another Volcán climber, and we left to the hot springs at 8pm. The drive was scenic and took us through the farming countryside, with Volcán Villarrica looming in the distance. We met two other friendly travelers on the shuttle, so we made a group of four once we arrived to the hot springs, Los Pozones, at around 9pm; we had two hours to soak in one of the five or so pools.

I’ll try to upload pictures once I can connect my camera to a computer, but the area was very well maintained, and the hot springs were clean, not too crowded, and quite soothing (especially after a day of hiking). The three pools that we tried all varied in temperature, from being just a bit too hot, just a bit too cool, and just right. We spent about half of our time in the pool that was just right, wishing that we could have some more time here… Next time!

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