suva, fiji


...and the quest for the local

Arriving to Avignon via car was quite easy with the help of GPS, but once inside the medieval walls with tight, one-way streets that were randomly closed for a festival, it became a distraction. As such, we were left to navigate ourselves via cached iPhone Google Maps, and luckily we stumbled into a parking structure close to the Regina Hotel, the 11th hour accommodation that Nick and I found on Hostelworld the night before.

The helpful receptionist at the Regina Hotel pointed us to Ginette et Marcel, a local restaurant in a local area that was exactly what we were looking for (i.e., something off the beaten track). G&M served up tasty ‘tartines,’ which are open-faced sandwiches with delicious toppings such as goat cheese and honey, mushrooms and cheese, etc.

We took a nice walking tour of Avignon on Sunday morning, and the impending storm provided a backdrop for some high contrast photos. We returned to G&M for lunch as it started to rain and afterwards hopped in the car for the traffic jammed drive to the Ardèche…

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