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After the drive from Avignon, we arrived to Montélimar where Nick, Dana, and I met a last-minute addition to our upcoming tour of the Ardèche: Sylvain, one of my roommates from the study abroad in Delft. After four years, conversation with Sylvain picked up where it left off, and I was quite happy to have him join for the Eurotrip.

While in Chile, the owner of Ko’kayak (the company that Greg, Tiff, and I went with for sea kayaking) referred me to the Ardèche when I said that some friends and I would be making a visit to France. So, we used his great advice and added the Ardèche as a destination for the Eurotrip.

On the way to La Musardière, the specific bed and breakfast that we were referred to for its friendly owners and idyllic location, we passed through a small, quaint town named Alba-la-Romaine. Exploring the small streets of the town and the impressive views it provided was a welcome surprise. Also surprising was the fact that the château on the hill was open this particular Sunday evening for a local artist’s exhibition and wine tasting. Recognizing the need for wine on a day that all shops are closed, Sylvain pulled some strings and got us in for an enjoyable visit to the château on the hill.

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  1. Kalle (Karlll) Says:

    Hey Andy!

    I was amazing to see you guys again!
    I just finnished reading all the Eurotrip posts. Looking forward to some more updates on the Netherlands.

    Hope you have a safe trip home, and see you somewhere!

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